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Transforming your body or transforming your business takes a firm commitment, thoughtful planning and rigor. They say “treat your body like a temple” the same could be said for the structure that houses your business.

Take the case of Transformation Fitness & Wellness, an Indianapolis-based personal training and wellness company whose owners took on the task of reinvigorating their business and creating their brand. Founded in 2007, owners Arin and Tony Lindauer wanted to create a fitness facility that would give clients an educated solution while maintaining the integrity of the fitness industry.

Previously located on another high-trafficked street in downtown Indianapolis, their brown storefront beside Goose the Market was nondescript and easily overlooked. Moving the operation to an existing building on North Pennsylvania Street took a significant investment, elbow grease, creativity and forethought by this woman-owned business.

The building they found on Penn was formerly a Brink’s Truck operation, then a casework shop. To say the exterior was visually underwhelming might even be kind. “It was a 1960’s yellow, smooth brick building with some graffiti and blocked-in tile for the windows,” says Arin. “She was beautiful . . . just kidding!” A complete transformation would be required, both inside and out.

Mapping out the interior was crucial. “We worked with Brenner Design to lay out the perfect space,” Arin says. “We had a fairly open concept but they helped us use our space wisely, mapping out the locker rooms, break room (yes!), assessment room, front desk, reception area, consultation room and our offices. Now our vision was coming to life!”

Creating a vibrant exterior was the next challenge. The new face of the company sports a Mondrianesque pattern of lines and colors on the revitalized front and rear façades. The design brings energy and excitement to an otherwise bland and dated streetscape. It represents their unique brand and mission of health and fitness. The Lindauers loved it. “They definitely gave us a safe solid color plan, but they also provided one that would get us noticed,” said Arin. “When the painters started all I could do was watch in awe. It was gorgeous, different, and loud!  We were so proud of it!  We took a building that looked like it was on its last leg cosmetically and gave it a much need deep cleanse and a face lift.”

Although one would think that “low budget” translates to “mediocre design,” the proposed design solution exudes the passion and energy of Arin and Tony. With the added assistance from a façade grant, the company was able to complete the new look within their budget.

Not only did their efforts establish a new branded image, the transformed look brought attention and new customers to their doors. As Arin states, “We have for the first time in business gained new customers because of the customer driving by. We track where all our leads come from, and a “drive by” was never a category before moving our business.”

The bottom line impact of the new façade design is over $19,000 in new business (a 13% increase), and a total of 18 new customers directly attributable to noticing the location by merely driving by. 

“It may not seem like a ton, but it is to our business,” says Arin. “We sign up 10-15 clients on average per month, and it is great to know that 1 of those 10-15 will come from the investment in our building.

“I have never regretted the decision because I love how prospects say, ‘Oh yeah, the funky building on Penn, I know where you are located!’ It is music to my ears!” 

Transformation is everything, and good design can directly impact — and transform — your company’s bottom line. If a design overhaul is in your future, contact us. We’d love to be part of your transformation.

Design and Architecture by Brenner Design Incorporated; Cynthia Cooper, Director of Design, Rachel Reynolds, Interior Designer.

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